TCS007D: Web Design

Date, Location, & Time

Date Location Time
Monday, August 14th 12:30PM - 5:30PM Art Annex 103
Tuesday, August 15th 12:30PM - 5:30PM Art Annex 103

Art Annex Building Locations


Experience using an internet browser and the desire to learn are the only prerequisites of this class. We'll be starting from the ground up, so no experience with HTML or CSS are necessary.


None. Computers and software will be provided.

Required Texts (none!)

There are no required texts for this workshop. Glossy books are nice to hold and look at, but they are expensive and annoying when you have to move. More importantly, they are out of date the moment they are published. There are many great online resources for web design/development, and I will provide references for each topic that we cover. However, if you really want a book, these texts were recommended in previous years:

Concepts Covered

  1. Basics of HTML syntax and document structures
  2. Links
  3. Images
  4. Lists
  5. Basic Styling


In-Class Assignments (6-8, each ~15%)
There will be a series of in-class assignments meant to check your understanding of the concepts. These will be submitted to me through the class folder after completion. If you completed the assignment (or tried), you will receive full credit.

In-Class Assignments & Lectures

Module 1
In-Class Exercise1
Module 2
In-Class Exercise2
A Page About HTML
Module 3
In-Class Exercise3
Module 4
In-Class Exercise4
Module 5
Example HTML Form
Example Form Handing Code
CSS Example Page
In-Class Exercise5
Module 6
In-Class Exercise6
Module 7
In-Class Exercise7
Example webpage with centered contents and styled navigation bar
Module 8
Example webpage with background-image
Example webpage with grid
Example TCS007D Website
Download Link

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