TCS170D: Web Design

Date, Location, & Time

Date Location Time
Wednesday, August 10th 12:30PM - 5:30PM Art Annex 103
Thursday, August 11th 12:30PM - 5:30PM Art Annex 103

Art Annex Building Locations


This class is meant to be a continuation of 007D. This means that, if you’ve had 10 hour of experience toying with HTML and CSS, you’ll probably be fine. Make sure you are familiar with the concepts covered in 007D. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


USB Thumb Drive
We'll be using the computers in the Mac lab, and these will be used to transfer your files to your laptop or home computer. Even a small one (a gig) should be acceptable.
Images you have permission to use
We'll be incorporating images into our web pages. These could be photos you've taken or illustrations you've made. Anything you have permission to use is fine. If you don't bring images, your web page will have big ugly gray placeholder images in it instead.

Required Texts (none!)

There are no required texts for this workshop. Glossy books are nice to hold and look at, but they are expensive and annoying when you have to move. More importantly, they are out of date the moment they are published. There are many great online resources for web design/development, and I will provide references for each topic that we cover. However, if you really want a book, these texts were recommended in previous years:

Concepts Covered

  1. Introduction to Styling & Syntax
  2. The Cascade
  3. Specifications
  4. Box Model
  5. Color
  6. Media Queries & Responsiveness
  7. Introduction to LESS
  8. Introduction to Bootstrap


In-Class Assignments (35%)
There will be a series of in-class assignments meant to check your understanding of the concepts. These will be submitted to me via email at the end of each day. If you completed the assignment (or tried), you will receive full credit.
Quiz (20%)
There will be a short quiz at the beginning of the second day. So get there on time!
Homework Assignment (35%)
There will be one homework assignment due a week after the second day of class. It shouldn’t take the whole week to complete… unless you really want it to.
Class Participation(10%)
Ask some questions, help your neighbors, etc.

In-Class Assignments & Lectures

Module 1
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Module 2
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Selector Exercises
Module 3
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Module 4
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Web-Fonts Group Exercise
Module 5
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Exercise Instructions
Brick Wall
Module 6
Powerpoint Lecture PDF
Page Layout Example
Page Layout Example, Completed (with LESS and Bootstrap)

Homework Project

Course Project Instructions

Example Website